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Everyone loves a good BBQ on a lovely summer evening. However, BBQ grills tend to collect a fair amount of dirt, grime and leftover food pieces — especially after multiple uses. To ensure that your BBQ grill is functioning well and to prolong its life span, it is important to give it a good professional cleaning service.

At Oven Brothers, we have the experience and expertise to help those in Sydney, Central Coast and Newcastle give their BBQ grills the deep cleaning service it needs. We ensure to use high quality and eco-friendly products to ensure none of your equipment gets damaged and there are no toxic fumes/smells.

High Pressure Detailing Service

Give Your Outdoor Area the High Pressure Cleaning It Needs

There are many benefits of having your outdoor area professionally cleaned with a high-pressure cleaning service.

- It easily removes stubborn stains and grime, especially when it comes to mineral and lime deposits that accumulate over time.

- It’s faster and more powerful than conventional methods of outdoor cleaning.

- It’s environmentally friendly as it does not use any harsh chemicals that could be damaging

- Makes your property or business look cleaner and fresher

High pressure cleaning services releases pressurised water onto the desired surfaces; the pressure is at a level high and powerful enough for the water to blast away any build up of dirt or grim on these surfaces.

Our customers from Sydney, Newcastle and Central Coast have got to enjoy the effects of high-pressure cleaning in their homes and businesses.

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Oven Brothers is proud to be a provider of a number of high-quality cleaning services. Aside from high pressure cleaning, we also can help with BBQ cleaningcooktop cleaningwindow cleaning and more.

Customers in Sydney, Newcastle, Central Coast or surrounding areas can give us a call on 0449 748 722 for any queries or to make a booking. We look forward to working with you.

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