Think about it: A filthy oven is not a healthy oven

If your oven is coated with grease and grime, it can interfere with the natural travel of hot air around the interior, meaning that food may not be cooked as it should be.

Think about it: A filthy oven is not a healthy oven, and it’s tough for your oven to do its job as normal if it’s coated in grease and dirt.
If your oven isn’t working properly, you may not be properly cooking your food, even if you’re sticking to temperature guidelines and cooking times.
Any food or grease that has been burnt on the inside of the oven continuers to burn whenever it’s switched on.’
Dirty cookers could also release pollutants into the home, throwing carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, and sulphur dioxide into the air you breathe. That’s not good.
The British Lung Foundation warns that dirty cookers can release two kinds of pollutants in the home; microscopic particles of dust and dirt, and gases like carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and sulphur dioxide.
That all sounds pretty scary. So what can you do, beyond adopting a raw diet?

It’s simple: Give your oven a proper clean! A professional oven cleaner will be able to reach every dirty corner and let it 100pct clean.

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