Why you Should have your Oven Cleaned?

Whilst most homeowners and tenants are well aware that they need to clean their oven regularly, many might not actually know why. When you do it yourself, it’s not the most pleasant task. It takes time, it involves the use of harmful chemicals and it’s pretty messy too. So it’s easy to see why many choose to leave it as long as possible.
However, despite the cost or inconvenience, it is essential that you keep your oven clean. Like most things, dirt will build up over time. In fact, the oven will often act as a trap for grease and food which, depending on how regularly and what you cook, often means that it needs pretty extensive attention.
If you simply allow it to continue building up you risk creating more work for yourself and even damaging the oven itself. The tell-tale signs that it is time to put in a little elbow grease include a build up of grime on the window, visible discolouration or residue build up inside and excessive smoke bellowing out every time you open the door. Not only does this add a charcoal taste to meals, but it can also be hazardous too.
In terms of hygiene, it certainly isn’t advisable to allow your oven to descend into a grimy, unusable mess. Whilst high temperatures can stave off most issues, it’s certainly not the ideal environment to prepare food in.
Then you have to consider the operation of the cooker itself. Like a car engine or anything remotely mechanical, it’s important that an oven is kept in full working order at all times. Failure to do so can lead to a drop in performance, with filters getting clogged and temperature issues. Along with burning off of existing residue, this can lead to the build up of smoke mentioned previously.
Essentially, it isn’t good for your oven, your food or your own health. If you don’t want to clean it yourself, then don’t be afraid to seek professional assistance. We help to valet the ovens of thousands of households every year. Some are due to coming to the end of a tenancy agreement, others are simply in desperate need of a thorough clean. As professionals, we have the cleaning agents and equipment to complete the job quickly and effectively, without you having to lift a finger.
The primary advantage of professionally valeting an oven over simply cleaning it yourself is that you can be assured of an impeccable finish. It will almost be like having a new cooker, without the expense or effort. However, it is also important that you continue to mop up spills and dropped food, even giving the surface a wipe every now and then (when it has cooled down of course). Regular cleaning can stop residue getting out of control, but it isn’t a replacement for the occasional major spring clean that all ovens need.

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